Grammar 2

1.    Required Textbook:

Altenberg, E, and Vago, R. M. 2010. English Grammar: Understanding the Basics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

2.    Course Description:

This course is a continuation of Grammar 1, which puts an emphasis on lectures and exercises on the identification and analysis of word classes and their use in sentence structures. Grammar 2 revolves around a full range of phrases, primarily focusing on the structures and functions of phrases. Students will practice identifying and applying the rules through a variety of exercises and assignments.

3.    Course Goals:

Upon completion of the course, students are able to:

  1. identify basic phrasal structures;
  2. analyse and correct errors on phrasal structures; and
  3. produce grammatical, and meaningful sentences with the correct form of phrases.

Syllabus can be found here.

Weekly Meetings

Week 1 – Syllabus overview

Week 2 – Noun Phraseshomework

Week 3 – Prepositional Phrases

Week 4 – Verb Phrases

Week 5 – Auxiliary Phrases: Modals

Week 6 – Perfect and Progressive Aspects

Week 7 – Tense

Week 8 – Practice Midterm

Week 9 – Midterm

Week 10 – Subjects

Week 11 – Direct Objects

Week 12 – Indirect Objects

Week 13 – Pronouns

Week 14 – Implied subjects

Week 15 – Compound phrases

Week 16 – Final exam – Practice Final Exam

Homework Dropbox for 2A

Homework Dropbox for 2B


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