Grammar 3

Course Description:

This is an advanced level of grammar, which will only highlight certain grammatical areas deemed troublesome for non-native speakers of English. The emphasis of this class is on the structures of written English, especially the use of structures in writing in order to help them become proficient in academic writing.

Required Material:

Raimes, Ann. 2004. Grammar Troublespots: A Guide for Student Writers. Cambridge University Press.

Course Activities:

Week 1 – Introduction, Syllabus Overview

Week 2 – Basic sentence structure

Week 3 – Sentence Building

Week 4 – Verbs and auxiliaries

Week 5 – Verb tense system

Week 6 – Active and Passive Voice

Week 7 – Nouns and Quantity Words

Week 8 – Subject-verb agreement

Trial MidtermKeys

Week 9 – Articles

Week 10 – Pronoun and Pronoun Reference

Week 11 – Adjectives and Adverbs

Week 12 – Infinitives, Gerund, Participle Verbs

Week 13 – Prepositions

Week 14 – Relative Clauses

Trial Final Exam – Keys

Homework dropbox


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