Grammar 1

Course Description:

The course provides students with both extensive and intensive review and practice in the proper use of the English foundational grammatical structures, focusing on both form and meaning. Special emphasis is put on parts of speech and basic verb patterns. Students will do different kinds of classroom exercises and homework assignments to help them internalize the basic elements of the English grammar and solidify their knowledge of grammar.


Course Goals:

Upon completion of the course, students are able to:

  1. identify different parts of speech and their functions in a sentence;
  2. analyse and correct grammatical errors; and
  3. produce simple, grammatical, and meaningful sentences.


Required Material:

Swick. 2010. Verbs and Essentials of Grammar for ESL Learners. McGraw-Hill.

Suggested Reading: Murphy, R. 1985. Essential Grammar in Use. Cambridge University Press.


Course Plan

Week 1: SyllabusParts of Speech

Week 2: Definite – Indefinite Articles

Week 3: Nouns and Pronouns — Exercise 1 (Noun) & Exercise 2 (Pronoun)

Week 4: PluralsExercise 

Week 5: Adjectives

Week 6 – Adverbs 

Week 7 – Prepositions  — Homework

Week 8 – Conjunctions 


Week 9 – The Present Tenses

Week 10 – The Past Tenses

Week 11 – The Future TensesExercise 1 & Exercise 2

Week 12 – Imperatives

Week 13 – Linking Verbs

Week 14 – Passive Voice

Week 15 – FINAL EXAM – Trial test – Keys


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