1. Required Material:
  1. Course Description:

This course provides an introduction to the field of psycholinguistics, which is the discipline that explores the psychological processes underlying the acquisition, production, and comprehension of language. It deals with how people learn, acquire, and use language to communicate ideas. It focuses on how people or learners decode and encode messages or ideas conveyed through linguistic elements.

  1. Course Goals:

Upon completion of the course, students are able to:

  1. to explore theoretical arguments underlying the topics discussed.
  2. to explore practical application of the concepts, principles, and theory discussed that are reflected in the topics covered.

Syllabus can be found here.

Intro to Psycholinguistics

Chapter report presentation folder dropbox

Final project presentation slide sample

Final project presentation slide dropbox

Corpus assignment dropbox

Final project report dropbox

Grades of Class A can be found here. Please take a look and contact me asap for the missing grades (yellow-shaded)

Grades of Class B can be found here. Please take a look and contact me asap for the missing grades (yellow-shaded)

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