Course Description:

In this course we shall investigate some of the ways in which linguistic and social variables intertwine. In particular, we shall look at how choices/features in terms of language use are intimately associated with social variables and characteristics. The course will introduce students to ways of analysing language in a range of social contexts. Issues under examination include language variation, dialects, language change, language choice, language and gender, language maintenance, language planning, language death, and language and education.

Course goals:

At the end of the course, students are expected to:

  • have a heightened awareness of the ways in which language and society interact;
  • have an increased understanding of concepts, terminologies and research paradigm in sociolinguistics;
  • be able to apply sociolinguistic concepts/principles/research paradigms in looking at linguistic issues around them;
  • pay more attention to pertinent, recent and pressing issues of linguistics.

Tentative syllabus can be found here.

Course textbooks:


1. Discussion Question

2. Research Proposal

  • sample of an outline
  • dropbox for topic

3. Research Paper