Prescribed book:

Fabb, Nigel. 2005. Sentence Structure. New York: Routledge.

Supplementary book:

Thomas, Linda. 1994. Beginning Syntax. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.

Course Description:

This course is an elementary introduction to (English) syntactic analysis. It will begin with some analytical bases for word classes and constituent categories. Further emphasis will be put on different kinds of sentences ranging from simple to complex sentences. Through a variety of exercises and assignments, students will be introduced with the fundamental concept and analytical ways of sentence structure.

Course Goals:

Upon completion of the course, students are able to:

  1. identify forms and functions of words;
  2. recognize fundamental rules/concepts of sentence structures; and
  3. analyze a variety of sentence types.


Class Plans:

Week 1 – Introduction and course overview

Week 2 – Phrases and Constituency

Week 3 – Noun PhrasesPhrase Structure Rules

Week 4 – Adjective Phrases

Week 5 –  Adverb Phrases

Week 6 – Preposition Phrases

Week 7 – Verb phrases

Week 8 – Practice midterm

Week 9 – Midterm

Week 10 – Simple sentence

Practice Final Exam

Homework Dropbox for 4A

Homework Dropbox for 4B

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